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Rainbow High

Rain­bow High is like no oth­er high school! It’s the most elite fine arts high school that inspires kids to be cre­ative now!

With Grit, Love, Action and Mox­ie (G.L.A.M.), the stu­dents of Rain­bow High com­bine their unique cre­ative skills and work togeth­er to trans­form cre­ative strug­gles into cre­ative bril­liance. And those tal­ent­ed Rain­bow High musicians/singers will com­pete in the elite music com­pe­ti­tion, Rain­bow Vision. Rain­bow High is here to win, but will Shad­ow High stop them and final­ly take home the win?

The album includes songs from Rain­bow Vision con­tes­tants from all over the globe … K‑POP, Rock, R&B, and much more. Sing along with Rain­bow High’s Rain­bow Divas “Sparks Fly” and Shad­ow High’s Neon Shad­ow “Hope UR Not Afraid of the Dark” and so many more! And enjoy the bonus tracks like Pacif­ic Coast’s Harp­er Dune on “Mal­ibu Dreamin’”.