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L.O.L. Surprise!

L.O.L. Sur­prise! is a col­lec­table doll fran­chise with fun pop hits full of pos­i­tiv­i­ty, inclu­siv­i­ty and togetherness!

In its first six years since hit­ting retail­ers world­wide, L.O.L. Sur­prise!™ has embod­ied hun­dreds of unique char­ac­ters, trends, styles, and clubs, because “there’s room for every­one to sit with us.”

This brand is dig­i­tal­ly native, being born on the inter­net, and there is always a sur­prise! L.O.L. Sur­prise! is the only col­lectible doll fran­chise that deliv­ers lay­ers of sur­prise, tons of play val­ue all with a bold, cute, and fierce style. Every kid needs to know that no mat­ter their inter­ests, style or per­son­al­i­ty, they are fierce and with L.O.L. Sur­prise! can let their fierce out!